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This blog is about all things violin. It is meant to educate, inspire, and provide resources for parents, teachers, and students. The author takes full responsibility for the viewpoints expressed here. In instances where she quotes ideas from others, she pledges to cite her sources as fully, responsibly, and accurately as possible. Topics will include book reviews, technique tips, entertaining anecdotes, quotes, jokes, educational findings, instrument care suggestions, violin in the news, repertoire lists, etc.

Cami J. Shaskin graduated with her master's degree in Music Education in 2008. Violin has always been her primary instrument, since beginning private lessons at age five. See for her music résumé, or click on Spotlights for historical recordings. Cami has enjoyed an array of experiences in writing, from penning award-winning articles as a journalism staff writer in high school, tutoring peers at BYU's Writing Center, earning a Writing Fellows scholarship and a minor in Language and Computers, and later becoming a published author. She recently picked up web programming as a hobby, earning a certificate in Web Programming and Development from the local community college. This blog has been a collaborative effort between her and her husband, who is a Web Developer by profession. Together, they designed and coded this blog and its original content "from scratch."


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Preferred Brands
29 Apr 2022
Personally preferred brands—for violinists of all ages and capabilities

  • Shoulder rests: Everest
  • Rosin: Mini dark rosin for beginners or Bernardel cake of rosin as you gain experience
  • Strings: Dominant, Vision, Prelude (on a budget), Infeld Red (yes, I have tried more, ranging from Red Label—not recommended, see my experience here—to Helicore to Evah Pirazzi). Check out as an example of a site with lots of options.
  • Violins: The following brands, some exclusively found in Utah-- Kreutzer, Archer, Eastman, Suzuki; NOT recommended: instruments ordered from Amazon (teaser for another post, a.k.a. rant)
  • Music stands: Manhasset
  • Professional cases: Bobelock
  • Bows: Carbon fiber bows only on a budget, or for negligent students who tend to whack their bows around (though these too are not indestructible)
  • Mutes: Two-hole black Tourte orchestral mute
  • Metronomes: Seiko Quartz metronome
  • Tailpieces (if a replacement is desired): Wittner--comes with the fine tuners built in
  • Tuners: Just buy a cheap app on your phone . . . or get a tuning fork!
  • Candy bars (made you look!): Reese's or any real European chocolate
  • Misc: Boogie Juice for cleaning fingerboards (behaves much like a Tide-2-Go Pen), #2 Graphite pencil (not mechanical) for lubricating grooves at the nut when replacing strings, handmade sturdy cloth-mesh music bags sold at Riverton Music

No particular brand recommendations for

  • Chin rests
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Wood bows
  • Violin polish
  • Professional-level violins (typically these are hand built by a violin maker or reputable string shop, and since they aren’t factory-made or mass-produced, they are less likely to be classified by a particular brand or label)

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