Cami Shaskin

My Background

Master's Degree in Music Education

I was accepted into the Violin Performance program as a freshman at Brigham Young University and participated in the top ensembles there. After completing my undergraduate degree in Music, I attended the University of Northern Colorado, where I graduated with a master's degree in Music Education (Instrumental Emphasis) in 2008, complete with a CO teaching certificate. During my studies at the university, I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant, an orchestra set-up crew member, and a violin section leader. I finished portions of my student teaching in Colorado Springs and completed my requirements in Highland, UT.

20 Years Teaching Experience

I have taught Beginning Orchestra Classes publicly in seven different school districts in Utah and Colorado during the past twenty years. I also began teaching private violin lessons at age 17. I appreciate the value of continuing education, and I find myself borrowing heavily from the twenty years of training and private instruction I received, from teachers of many backgrounds, when I work with my students. Starting in Fall 2024, I am taking a hiatus from teaching my private studio. This has been a complex decision, but I look forward to possibilities ahead!

Orchestra Participation

It was amazing to be selected as one of ten musicians from the United States to perform in an all-expenses-paid (minus airfare) collegiate group based in Berlin in 2001. We toured Berlin, Saarbrucken, Amsterdam, and other notable cities in that part of Europe. I participated in music for the Closing Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. I have recorded over twenty CD's and two movie soundtracks for the Orchestra at Temple Square, a companion ensemble to The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. I auditioned at the time of the orchestra's formation in 1999 and still continue as a regular member. It has been a marvelous blessing to spread awareness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in such a unique way! See In 2019-2023, I was invited to join several additional groups, including the Salt Lake Choral Artists Symphony Orchestra, the American West Symphony, and two professional city orchestras in Montanna, following appropriate substitute player auditions.

Suzuki Teacher Training

These teacher training workshops, offered through the Suzuki Association of the Americas organization, with celebrated guest teachers, go through the Suzuki Violin Books sequentially; they provide excellent training and ideas for teaching young beginners especially (approximately ages 3-10). I have successfully completed eight courses, up through Level 7.

Solo Opportunities

I have been hired to step in as a guest concertmaster, soloist, or participant in various groups. Playing for weddings, in church or at retirement centers is always memorable. I also thoroughly enjoyed my job as a violinist at Busch Gardens for their "Holiday in Roma" show. We performed over 320 shows that summer, but I never got tired of the music! I have done some album recording, but mostly I prepare solo recitals when I get the itch to perform. Click on Spotlights to see videos. Added Bonus: Click here to see my premiere of Andrew Swan's Violin Concerto No. 3 with the Tooele County Symphony Orchestra in 2024. Paired with his second violin concerto, we see a tale of degredation and subsequent redemption. Our 2023 performance of the first half of the story is also available.

Current Pursuits

I have branched out even more in my musical pursuits in the last ten years. I prepared a few solo recitals. (After all, it always helps to have something to practice for!) Click Spotlights to see highlights videos. I briefly stepped into the popular music scene when I joined new friends for a Celine Dion tribute band. In 2018, I was featured in a commercial for Deseret Industries! In 2019, my husband and I moved our family to Tooele, UT, where I was named Associate Director of the newly-formed Tooele Valley Youth Symphony. In 2022, I took a hiatus from TVYS to spend more time with my family. I am a regular performer at Our House Assisted Living Center and have been invited to perform at various events in town, including Ren Faire, Women in Business, and the Tooele Arts Festival. Now, in 2024, I'm taking a hiatus from teaching. I am excited to launch into some new projects, including the formation of the Tooele String Trio. You can also check out my YouTube channel or subscribe to my violin blog!